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Importance Of Intel In Modern Warfare II

Intel is a must-have for success in Modern Warfare II. Gather intel with drones, satellites and interrogations to get ahead of the enemy. Learn about their weaknesses and terrain. It's knowledge that gives you the power. Don't miss out! Obtain intel with various methods. Strategize with it. Get the advantage. Discover enemy positions and movements. Intercept communications and gain insight. Find hiding spots and optimal routes. All these details will boost your game. Get the intel - it's essential! Types of Intel Available in Modern Warfare II To gain an upper hand in Modern Warfare II, knowledge is key. In order to obtain crucial intel, players can utilize various types of reconnaissance tools, including UAVs, Personal UAVs, and Sentry Guns. Other options include the Counter UAV, as well as custom recon drones that can be customized to fit specific needs. By exploring the different types of intel available, players can better understand how to use them to their advantage